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His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

This web site designed to give insight into Namdhari religion, music, culture, tradition and its rich heritage. The underlying principle of the web site is to reach out to vast multitude of people in general and the Namdhari community in particular, both in India and abroad and give them information about their history, in the light of socio-religious milieu, arts, culture and its contribution in infusing moral values amongst the faithful and making this world a better place to live in.

Our journey began in 1998. With the blessing of Sri Satguru Jajit Singh Ji this world became a niche for namdhari sikhs. In 2010, this new look replaced the original web site.

We believe that Surfing through its pages would not only be an enlightening experience but a spiritually uplifting journey....

(1857-2007) 2007 MARKED THE 150th Anniversary of BIRTH OF THE SANT KHALSA (the namdhari panth) & The KUKA FLAG. The first triangular white flag of the Indian Independence Movement, which symbolizes Sikh Tenets: Truth, Purity, Simplicity, Peace and Unity was hoisted by the 12th Sikh Guru - Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji Maharaj on the eve of the Baisakhi Festival - 1st Baisakh Samat 1914 (12th April 1857), when Sri Satguru Ji re-inaugurated the SANT KHALSA (also known as Namdhari Sikh Panth) at Sri Bhaini Sahib (District Ludhiana) Punjab, India.

'In fact it is a historical truth that the non-co-operation and Swadishi movement started by Sat Guru Ram Singh Ji shook the very foundations of the British rule in India. The principles of boycott and non-co-operation which Mahatma Gandhi introduced so vigorously in our freedom movement were expounded by Guru Ram Singh Ji for the Namdharis.' >> more

Present Spiritual head Sri Satguru Uday Singh Ji

Sri Satguru Uday Singh Ji
Present Spiritual leader of Namdhari Sikhs

Amrit Bachan


  • Basant Panchami Mela from 12 Feb 2016
  • Holla Mohalla at Sri Bhaini Sahib:23-27 March 2016.
  • Vaisakhi Mela 13th April 2016
  • Assu da Mela 17th October 2016 TBC
  • Jap Prayog 16th Sept to 17th October 2016 TBC
  • Parkash Purab Sri Satguru Jagit Singh Ji11 November 2016
  • Sri Satguru Ram Singh miniature park now open
  • Kuka Movement Coin And Stamp now released

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17th January 1872 - pardes gavan
On His departure from Sri Bhaini Sahib, bidding farewell to his countrymen.
Satguru Ram Singh Ji is seen in a bullock cart having covered himself with Mata Karmo's black blanket and consoling his perturbed sangat.

Today at Sri Bhaini Sahib: The daily program details at Gurdwara Sri Bhaini Sahib can be viewed at
Southall Sangat's
Namdhari Sangat Birmingham
Sakhis (accounts of miracles) of Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji -
Santoor Vadak -
Sarod Vadak -

Delhi Metro Station named after Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji:
With the blessings of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, in a community interaction programme on 14.Dec.2007, all local associations and public representatives were unanimous in endorsing the demand of Namdhari Darbar for renaming the Patel Nagar (West) Metro Station as Satguru Ram Singh Marg Metro Station.

In a letter to the President of Namdhari Darbar, H S Hanspal, Chief public relations officer of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, Anju Dayal states:

'Please refer to your letter dated 12/09/2007 regarding renaming of Patel Nagar (West) Metro station. This is to inform you that the Patel Nagar (West) Metro station on Kiriti Nagar/lnderlok - Mundka Line, has been renamed as "Satguru Ram Singh Marg Metro station".'

  • Katha of Sant Iqbal Singh Ji

  • Katha & Diwans of Sant Dyal Singh Ji

  • Katha of Sant Sewa Singh Ji

Pages of History

15 September
- shaheeds at Amritsar

Namdhari shaheeds at Malerkotla
17/18 January 1872

The Gurmukhi Script - who composed it?

Creation of the Khalsa in 1699 - eye witness account

Extracts are articles published by various newspapers etc relating to namdhari sikhs & events.


(The Master Of All Arts). Produced & Directed by Taranjeet Singh. Available in DVD Format / English & Hindi languages. Place your order with your local Namdhari Sangat or get in touch with Namdhari Darbar, Sri Bhaini Sahib, Punjab, India.

Other titles available are:

Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial School for boys and girls is the fulfillment of the long cherished desire of Satguru Pratap Singh Ji who had a keen desire of opening school which aimed at the all round development of the personality of the child with special emphasis on moral and religious values of life with the infused spirit of patriotism, immense love and respect for our cultural heritage. It is a private unaided institution run by the society Namdhari Darbar. It was established by His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit singh Ji on 5th November, in 1981.

The school aims at developing character and individuality of students through a well balanced combination of general education and co-curricular activities ensuring an all round development of the child equipped with the intellectual and practical skills essential to meet the inevitable challenges in the future in 21st Century.

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