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Pandit Gopal Singh Ji

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Pandit Gopal Singh Ji

Pandit Gopal Singh was the most profilic jatedhar of the paanth. He left for his heavenly abode on the morning of 11th June 2008 in India. With the blessing of SatGuru Pratap Singh Ji and Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, Pandit Gopal Singh Ji was elevated to the supreme jathedhar, lecturer and sevak of the Namdhari paanth. His command, knowledge, humour, vigour and style of presentation was unsurpassable. His short shabads were the molding factor in many a youngster.

He accompanied Satguru Pratap Singh Ji and Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji on all their tours to Africa, Europe, East Asia and Americas. He has left his legacy in the form of recordings and videos which will educate Sikhs in many years to come. His diwaans were a phenomenon not to be missed. Countless Namdharis and others have received the 'naam' through Pandit Ji. In one particular diwaan in 1956 in Delhi, more than 500 people took the naam and an oath to become vegetarians and abstain from alcohol & other toxicants.

The following four diwans were performed in Nairobi, Kenya in the 1970s.

Short shabads:
Channa he channa hoya sare jug wich..

Mera bayrha karde par tere darbar aagayea..

Aawe na gawaye moorkha..

Is dhuniya tho kuch gatna he..

Sikhi dharam da boota laaye Satgur Ram Singh nay..

Raba teri khudrat da ..

Satgur ne jahaj banaye bhaga wale chard jangay..

Pandit Ji doing a diwan in East Africa

Sri Satguru Partap Ji in discussion with Pandit Ji

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