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Funeral Maryada

Kuka Faith

Marayada (Rules and Procedures) for performing the last rites (funeral) of a dead body.

According to Sri Sat Guru Jis order, no one should weep for the departed soul since it causes a lot of anguish and pain to the departed soul.
After a person has breathed his last, the funeral ceremony should be performed according to the Maryada of Sri Sat Guru Ji as follows:

  • The dead body should be bathed.
  • After putting on fresh clothes, the dead body should be given Amrit as per the Maryada.
  • The feet of the dead body should be kept towards the East as much as possible.
  • Ardaas should be performed before lighting the pyre.
  • After lighting the pyre, path of Kirtan Sohila should be performed. After that Ardaas is to be performed. Nothing else is to be recited other than the above described.
  • Everybody present at the cremation site shall take bath and rinse clothes immediately. If anybody who touches the person who has returned from cremation-site and still not taken bath, then even if he has not attended the cremation ceremony; he or she must take bath and rise the clothes also.
  • After returning from the cremation ground, everybody, after taking bath and changing into fresh clothes, should reach the place where the Paath is to begun.
  • After starting the Paath, Karah Parshad is distributed among the Saadh Sangat and a small amount of Karah Parshaad is thrown into the pyre.
  • After a gap of 36 hours, the ash is collected in a gunny bag and immersed into any nearby running canal or river.
  • Only Sadharan Path should be performed for the sake of the departed soul. Akand Path is not permitted.

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