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Why light a Jyot?

Kuka Faith

The importance of lighting jyot is to invite Sri Satguru Ram Singh ji to the place as HE had said that "Jis ghar vich jyot jagdi hai, os ghar vich Satguru Ram Singh ji da pehra hunda hai".

The light and ghee that is used to light jyot is also accepted by the 'agni dev'. So we should always light jyot every morning in order to invite him and then do naam simran in HIS existance.

Method to light jyot - we should light in front of Sri Satguru Ram Singh ji's photo. We need uncooked rice underneath jyot and a glass of water besides it so as to offer HIM the jal. And jal has to be changed everyday for HIM. Once we light jyot, we should prepare a place for HIM as well by putting an aasan at a place where HE should sit 'biraajman'.

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