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This site has been created to promote the GURMAT sangeet. Most of the bani in Sri Adi Granth Sahib was created in Indian Classical Music. To get the fulfilment, contentment and pleasure of this powerful message, one has to listen and enjoy this bani in the Indian Classical ragas. When these sabads are sung in the traditional way, accompanied by string instruments and taals of tabla and mirdhang, you are taken into another stratum.

Namdhari Sikh Musicians under the auspicious guidance of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji has kept this tradition alive and have reached new heights by exploring even more finer points. These Namdhari Sikh Musicians have learned their trade from some of the most distinguished artists. They have mastered most of the string, wind, percussion and other instruments. Their rendering of sabads are a treat to listen to.

Our Mission
Our objective is to acquire, preserve, enhance and distribute Namdhari related audio and video CDs, VCDs DVDs, tapes, photographs, historical documents and other material.

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