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5. Satguru Gobind Singh Ji's message to Satguru Balak Singh Ji
The spiritual message that Balak Singh delivered was
Of immense benefit to men and women.
It helped them swim across the vast Sea of Existence.
And, The Creator Himself has revealed His Word and charged HIM
To spread it for the purification of human life.
The Tenth Master appeared in person and informed HIM;
Ram Singh is my incarnation
Partaking of an element of mine.
I have, Therefore, Entrusted HIM, and none else, With my authority.
The Masterís message was clear and firm. †

6. Birth of Satguru Ram Singh Ji
The inevitable occurred on Thursday morning, the fifth moon of Magha, 1872 Bikrami;
Very well known is the village Bhaini in Ludhiana district.
On this village Ram Singh descended like a god, Casting aside all the ils inhering in the Iron Age.
Charged with spreading the idea of Godhood,
He, Exuding effulgence, came to the childless household,
His father Jassa, a carpenter by caste And Mother Sadan.
Even while a child, his mind was replete with Divine presence.
Dedicated to uplift of mankind, He, along with his playmates,
Was ever absorbed in Him.

7. Satguru Ram Singh Ji in Lahore
And, When grown-up He went to Lahore,
Entered service in the Army,which he thought was a noble vocation.
He would recite Gurbani , Sing hymns, feel solitude and share his purse with the poor.
In 1898 Bikrami, He, In his platoon, went to Hajro, on official duty.
Saintly persons held a great attraction for Ram Singh. Whatever place he happened to visit, He would love to call on them.

8. Satguru Ram Singh ji's meeting of Satguru Balak Singh Ji in Hajro
Balak Singh was held in high reverence.
Like a cuckoo-fledgling brought up by a mother duck,
Ram Singh listened to and joyfully absorbed the divine eulogies.
The good deeds previously accumulated, bestirred themselves and helped HIM absorb all the spiritual hues.
Blessed by fortune and saturated with love, he went all the
way to touch his feet in submission.
Balak Singh recognized Godís element in HIM.
Satisfied that he was deserving and worthy to receive,
He, Of his own volition, Offered HIM Nam.
Nam, The quintessence of the four Vedas, Eradicates confusion,
Instills non-involvement and destroys painful failings.


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