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Raiat Namas

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The Raiat-Namas of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

These Hukum namas (instructions to obey) have been issued by Guru Ram Singh Ji from Rangoon and written with blessing and for the benefit of all Sangats of Bhaini and for all Namdhari Sikhs. At the asu da mela of 2009, Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh ji blessed the release of a mp3 cd of the recordings of all hukamnamas of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji. These hukan naamas have been narated by master Darshan Singh Ji (of Sri Bhaini Sahib). A comprhensive collection is reproduced below in english translation.

At the Asu mela of 2009, Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh ji blessed the release of a mp3 cd of the recordings of all hukamnamas of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji. These hukam naamas have been narated by master Darshan Singh Ji (of Sri Bhaini Sahib).

From Guru Ram Singh to the Khalsa of Bhaini, Wahiguru ji Ka Khalsa, Sri Wahiguru ji ki Fateh.

Rise during the last watch (phase) of night (early in the morning) and taking a pot of water, for cleansing, go out into the fields to relieve yourself in the natural surroundings. On your return scour the pot twice and remove the clothes you were wearing in the fields while you are out, and clean your teeth, and have a bath, and recite the prescribed Nitnem (Simran 'meditation' and portion of 'bani.').

If you don't know these banis by heart you should learn them, every one should do this, including women both old and young, recite complete both Japji and Jap by memory and also Shabad Hazare of two Gurus. You must also learn Rahiras and Arti Sohila by heart.
All should lead a life of restraint and contentment. Offer praise to the Lord, throughout the day and night.

Respect the daughter or sister of another man as you would your own; respect all the ladies as their relationships with you.
We have been told how we should preserve and respect the rights and privileges of the others (respect the human rights), that is our moral duty: 'Violating another's rights, 0 Nanak!, should be treated with the same abhorrence as a Muslim would feel for eating pig or Hindu for killing a cow'.

He who has received "Bhajan" and then does not recite (meditate on it) is as per (Hukam) instructions - will have his face blackened in this world and in the next. Whosoever does not do his daily prayers and meditations he will suffer there and here.

Let no one speak maliciously of another and practicing forgiveness towards the others, take no heed of what another may utter about you. Even the person who puts a hand to strike against you must be forgiven as the attacker. Satguru ji is your protector. Try not to take revenge; the Guru is on your side. Always beware not to show off your own good deeds and hide your goodness from the others.

Daily early in the morning gather at Asa di Var and in the afternoon/evening at Divans regularly, and participate in the proceedings at congregations.

When a Jug (HAVAN) has to be performed purify the place where it is to be held by cleaning the place. Bring earthen vessels, which have not been used before and wash your feet before entering the Jug square. Then perform the Havan or Horn. Use wood from either the palah or ber tree; do not fan the fire by blowing on it with human breath. During the course of the Havan five officials should read the following Banis from the Scriptures, Chaupai, Japji, Jap, Chandi Chariter, Akal Ustat. (Later Satguru Hari Singh Ji gave instructions (Hukam) later on Chandi di Vaar and Ugar Danti should also be read). A sixth official should mean while pour incense made of ghee with Havan Samaghari on the fire and a seventh official should periodically sprinkle a few drops of water on the fire.
Do not let join and admit to religious assemblies any one who commits an evil deed such an adultery or theft, if the culprit happens to be a powerful person then all should pray to the Almighty Satguru together that he will be rendered unable to enter the congregation
But my understanding is limited, you may yourselves know all that need to be known. Let all stand reverently with (folding hands) palms joined before Satguru Ji and pray to Him, 'Sustain our faith 0 Lord'. 

Always wear the approved breeches (Kachh). When taking off a Kachh withdraw one leg only and put it in the leg hole of another pair before withdrawing the second leg.

Never conceal an evil deed committed by another person.

Do not sell or barter a daughter or a sister.

Constantly repeat the Guru's name.

Never eat meat or drink alcoholic liquor.

Continue always in the fear of the Guru.

Bodily pains, epilepsy, attack by the evil spirits, injuries, which men receive at the hands of others, starvation and destitution etc. will all be removed by "bhajan" of God. It has been ordered by the Guru that the name of God is the remedy for all diseases. To read "bani" and repeating the name of God is productive and rewarding.

0 Khalsa ! be firm in your morning worship of the creator, not only one but all other agonies will be removed. Be assured of this truth, for the Guru Sahib has said that ailments can be removed by the worship of the creator.

Naam and Bani are priceless treasures; it is not possible to estimate their value. O Khalsa ! the Guru Sahib has been graciously pleased to confer upon you this Naam and Bani, therefore, be firm in reciting the Naam and Bani day and night, whether moving or working; always strive to step forwards, never backwards.

0 Khalsa ! if a relative dies, you should not mourn or grieve after him, but in keeping with your means perform, in the name of your departed relative, acts of charity, Bhog, Path, feeding and clothing of the brethren. Mourning and grieving is rebellion against God, and torturing the body without any advantage. I have also heard that a person mourned for his occasioned grief; the tears and nasal mucous of the mourners fall upon the soul of the departed, and makes him cry out "0 God, may someone else of the mourners man die, so that I may dwell in peace".

0 brethren of the Khalsa ! make use of the pure food and drink. 0 brethren it is the order of the Tenth Badshah ( Guru Gobind Singh) that eating with a person whose tenet of belief is not known or who does not practice the Gur-Mantar (mystic sectarian whisper) results in estranging the affection of God.

Without the Gur Mantar man is like a pig, the dog, the ass, the snake; for this reason I always impress upon you to receive Gur Mantar and leam Gur Bani by heart.

If a person being a Sikh sells barters (infanticide) his daughter, he should be boycotted.

We shall not always be Surrounded by Hornets; it is only for a short while, which will soon pass away.

Namdhari Sikhs secretly visited Satguru Ram Singh whilst in exile and many hukamnaams were carried back to India by these brave sikhs

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