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9. Satguru Ram Singh ji's meeting of Satguru Balak Singh Ji in Hajro
Balak Singh implanted in HIM Waheguru,
The supreme mantra that helps accomplish al the missions.
None other is as extensively effective.
There were some who would say that he has received the
Revealed word from a Sayyadani.
Such an assertion was found wholly apocryphal,
this is I say on personal testimony.
It is Waheguru.
The mantra that annihilates the dangerous and the susceptive
Ways of the Iron Age, brushes aside illusion
And the cycles of births. Ram Singh was eagerly drawn to it.
He would receive it repeatedly and attentively.

10/11. Satguru Ram Singh Ji's Revelation
He realised the utter futility of the world of affairs and left it alone.
He led a life of positive conduct and was ever absorbed in meditation.
He was like the one intoxicated, always in a state of undisturbed bliss.
Never downcast, he exuded joy and was free from desire.
He senses under control and the mind properly disciplined, he would look up, for meditation, a clean place beside a river or a pond.
The chant of the Nam was on his lips, his body practised austerity, and his mind was completely submerged in the Beloved.

He spent nearly twenty years of beatitude in single-minded devotion, austerity and meditation.
The Ridhi-Sidhi, the treasures and the supernatural powers, were revealed to him as no more than the maid-servants of Nam.
Such was the impact of his practice of Nam, that whatever he uttered proved true.
The heavens themselves spoke to this great man charging him to spread Nam, the giver of enlightenment and the wherewithal's of life.
Spread the faith of the Tenth Master among the people, and make them realize that the Khalsa is singularly God's own.

12. Satguru Ram Singh Ji's message
Charged with this spectacular mission, Ram Singh set about delivering discourses.
He made people give up smoking and keep unshorn hair. Particularly fortunate were those who partook of the Nectar and entered the Sikh fold. His fame spread apace. People in multitude became his disciples. Manifold grew the Khalsa.
His disciples, soaked in the bliss of Nam, gave up opium, hashish, poppy, liquor and various other intoxicants. They would not eat meat. They would not steal. They foreswore adultery and deception. They practised saintliness. The Golden Age had returned.


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