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Kuka Faith > Paanth Parkash

17. The pujaris dislike
This way of life caused immense unhappiness to the Brahmins.
The Hindus and the Muslims, in large numbers, mouthed denunciation.
Whenever they visited Gurdwaras, they would recite Sabads,
throwing off their turbans in ecstasy. Such a sight caused resentment.
The Pujaris, hurling abuse, would like to thrust upon them (the Kukas)
their own notions, and not accept those of the Kukas.
The Kukas thus became the talk of the town.
They grew enormously in numbers and were distinguished
from the Hindus as well as the Turks.

18. Satguru Ram Singh Ji's popularity (conti)
Whichever place Ram Singh visited, thousands came into his fold.
They addressed him with deep humility and made handsome offerings in cash.
Whenever, on the occasion of a festival, he visited Gurdwaras at Damdama Sahib and Muktsar,
he was accompanied by a huge gathering of the-Kukas.
The spectacle of ascendancy and grandeur achieved by Ram Singh made the administrators and the clerics lose much of their peace.
He was escorted by the Deputy Commissioner and the City Chief of Police with his force in toe.

19 Satguru Ram Singh Ji Visits Gurdwaras and temples
They offered due respects and made proper arrangements for his security
The people around, in their wisdom, made all sorts of comment.
Ram Singh wished to offer prayers conducive to a spirit of unity.
He, by his conduct, wanted the prestige of the Panth to grow.
He went to the Gurdwara to offer prasad*.
The clerics, in a body, confronted him with a clear injunction:
You shall build banks around the holy tank in concrete as payment of a religious fine.
Your followers shall not go into ecstasy and their turbans must not fall off.

*Cooked sacred food made of floor, ghee (clarified butter) and sugar for offering to the Guru and distribution in the congregation.

20 Satguru Ram Singh Ji Visits Gurdwaras and temples (conti)
Ram Singh said both these injunctions were beyond his means to comply with.
He was only too ready to make an offering within his capacity.
Mahant Mangal Singh of Gurdwara Tamboo Sahib hit upon a plan to test the genuineness of his offer .
He was only too aware that no Kuka would ever wear a blue dress.
He brought a blue robe of honor for Ram Singh.
He respectfully accepted the robe, yet, the clerics were not reconciled.


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