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Plaque at Ludhiana Railway Station

History > Freedom Fighter - Satguru Ram Singh Ji

The plaque at Ludhiana Junction Rail Station Punjab India says:

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji - The Pioneer of Non-Cooperation, Satyagraha and Swadeshi Movements

The Namdhari Sikhs known as Kukas, in the political annals India are rightly called " Torch bearers of India's freedom struggle". Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji, the master planner of freedom movement in India founded the Namdhari Sect on Baisakhi day, 12th April 1857, at Sri Bhaini Sahib (Distt. Ludhlana. Punjab).

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji mobilized the people for the freedom of their country and against the evil customs of the society as well. He inculcated religious awareness among the people because it evokes the feeling of self-respect and sacrifices for the sake of their country. In a short period lakhs of people flocked to him and they became fully aware of their serfdom and of bondage.

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji laid emphasis to provide equal status to women in the society, education to both boys and girls and help the poor, introduced a new expense-less inter caste and dowry free mass marriage system called “Anad Karaj"

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji, first time in world history used non-cooperation Swadeshi as a weapon to free his country from the yokes of British Empire. He ordered the Indians to boycott of British Government Service. Boycott educational Institutions opened by the British. Boycott of law-courts started by the British. Boycott of foreign made goods. Refused to obey and resist the laws and orders which owns conscience abors. Be Indian, buy Indian, remain Indian.

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji set up his own postal system & panchayatraj. Diplomatic relations were established with native states and neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Russia etc. In 1869-70 a separate regiment "KOOKA PLATOON" was created in Kashmir state. All these were the signs that the Namdhari Slkhs had established a parallel government. The British rulers wanted to crush the Kuka Revolution.

On orders Namdhari Kuka Sikhs here hanged to death in Raikot, Amritsar & Ludhiana. On 17-18 January 1872, Sixty five Kuka Revolutionists were blown off with cannons and a boy of 12 year age named Bishan Singh was cut to pieces in Malerkotla (Punjab).

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was arrested and exiled to Mynamar (Burma) from this railway st on 18 January 1872. All the prominent Subas were arrested and deported to various jails. Namdharis were ordered not to hold meetings and leave place of their residence without informing the police or village head. The whole Namdhari community was treated like traitors. Hundreds of Namdhari Sikhs were sent to jails or deported to Andemann Islands and their properties were seized.

But Namdharis were undaunted by the rigorous imprisoned life and prosecution by the police. They continuously fought for the freedom of India under the Enid and inspiring guidance of Satguru Hari Singh Ji & Satguru Partap Singh Ji. On account of these pioneering efforts & sacrifices of Namdharis and all other patriotic forces, Indians attained Independence on 15th August 1947. On the eve of Golden Jubilee Celebrations, we salute Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji and pay homage to the Kuka martyrs of the India's Freedom Movement.

Deportation of Satguru Ram Singh Ji - Calcutta

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