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Mata Tripta Ji & Bebe Nanaki Ji / Mata Daya Kaur Ji

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Mata Tripta Ji
The history of Sikh women has to start with Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh Religion. The mother of Guru Nanak was Mata Tripta. She was reputed to be a kind lady. The young Nanak had a sociable nature, and, therefore, had many friends. He liked to treat them often. We know from the oral history tradition that Mata Tripta would sometimes slip him a coin or two to spend on his friends. She also often made sweets for him to share with his friends. She loved her son dearly, but his rejection of tradition and custom was a source of constant aggravation. Mata Tripta did not understand the divine mission of her rebellious son.

Bebe Nanaki Ji (1464 -1518)
Bebe Nanki Ji was the elder sister of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, five years older than them, she was the first to recognize his spiritual eminence and to become his devotee.the age of fifteen, Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to live with his sister and to work for her husband as storekeeper under the Nawab of Sultanpur in 1485. Guru Nanak Dev Ji reciprocated his sister's affection later by not failing to visit Sultanpur and meet his sister between journeys. She stood between Nanak and her parents when they got mad with him and told them to recognize the true worth of Nanak. For her, Nanak was not only her brother (Veer) but also her Guru (Peer).

She removed all obstacles which hindered Guru Nanak from preaching his mission. Bebe Nanki took care of his parents, wife, and her nephews during Guru Nanak's absence. At the end of his second tour when Guru Nanak returned to Sultanpur, Bebe Nanki was not feeling well and asked him to stay for a few days. She breathed her last in a few days and Guru Nanak performed her funeral rights. She lived at Sultanpur for about forty years. A tree planted by her provides shade to the people still. There is also a well, which she had constructed for the people.

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