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Raian Village

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Raian Village - Dist Ludhiana - Punjab - India
GPS location > Latitude: 3052'36.35"N Longitude: 7603'05.37"E

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was in the line of great spiritual leaders of the world, but he had vivified his spiritualism with action and sacrifice. After the downfall of the Sikh Government, when utter demoralization had set in among the Sikhs, Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji re-kindled into them the spirit of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh and chalked out a programme of action to train them in the mission which the Gurus had come to fulfil.

Village Raian is a few miles from Sri Bhaini Sahib and the prakash asthan (Birth place) of the founder of the namdhari panth (sect). Satguru Ram Singh Ji was born as an avtar on the basant panchami day (Thursday, 2nd February) of 1816. Satguru Ji's parents were Baba Jassa Singh Ji and Mata Sada Kaur Ji.

At Raiyan Village, There is the actual building where the Lord himself grew up. Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was not born from his mother's womb but appeared beside her after a bright light spread across the room, according to holy scriptures, only God him self can decide to be born this way The tenth master Guru gobind singh ji said that they will re-incarnate in their 12th form which will be the greatest of alland will re-begin the khalsa panth which would have died out and mislead after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
'Ram Singh hoe mero nama, badi sut bheni ko dhama' - (my name shall be Ram Singh & i will re-incarnate in a village within Bhaini) (which is known as sri bhaini sahib today) The 1st sikh guru Guru Nanak Dev Ji also predicted that after their 10 th & 11th form, they will re-incarnate and re-rebein the khalsa panth. 'meh fer karunga khalsa, vaseh which punjab' - ( I will restart khalsa inside punjab.)

In 1985 Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji started a non-stop round the clock akhand varni of nam simran in the room of birth of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

Akhand varni

Raian - Birth place of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

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