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Blue and Black

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Why Sikhs Should not wear blue or black.

Namdhari Sikhs' attire is white - the colour of Satjug, a colour which denotes purity. In the times and travels of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Satguru Gobind Singh ji, one finds references by the Gurus' of not approving the wearing of black and blue.

In order to acheive his mission Satguru Nank Dev Ji entered Mecca dressed in a blue gown as demanded by the muslims. Guru Nanak later wrote:

“Neel Bastar lai kaprey pahirey, Turk -pathani amal kiya” (I have worn the Blue Gown to adopt the Muslim attire).

This statement clearly says that blue is not the colour of Sikhs. Guru Nanak has referred the colours black and blue as colours of the kalyug.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes in his Zafarnama (The Epistle of Victory) –

“Barange Magas Sayah posh Aam dand' (“your black attired army attacked me like flies”). The colour black was associated with the enemy.

After the betrayal of Nawab Kapura Brar at Kotkapura, Satguru Ji had to swiftly leave Kotkapura without being detected. At the request of his Sikhs and with reluctantance Satguru Ji agreed and dressed in a Blue Gown to disguise himself and head out to the village of Dhilwan Sodhian. Here Kaul Sodhi(a decendant of Prithi Chand), presented Guru Gobind Singh with new clothes. Satguru Ji took off his blue gown and started tearing it piece by piece and burned it in a fire. As Satguru Ji burnt the clothes, he uttered

"Nil bastar le kapre phare; Turk Pathani amal gaya" (I have torn the blue clothes which I wore, and with that the rule of the Turks and Pathans is at an end").

Satguru Ji then dressed himself in the White cloths provided by Sodhi Kaul.

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