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The Guru's Contribution
(Extract from Spectrum section of The Chandigarh Tribune)

Satguru Jagjit Singh’s contribution to the Namdhari sect can be gauged from the following diktats issued by him:

  • Marriage ceremonies should be kept simple. There should be no indulgence in extravaganza. Both the groom and the bride must dress in plain white. No jewellery must be worn and no dowry must be given. Marriages must not take place in hotels or lavish pandals but only at nearby Namdhari temples.

  • No morsel of food to be wasted, as overwhelming poverty marks the lives of millions.

  • Crackers must not be burst on Divali because the ensuing pollution not only harms the environment but also brings into focus the wide disparity between the haves and have-nots.

  • Lohri must not to be celebrated on the birth of a boy, as that would speak of gender discrimination

  • Loud speakers should not to be used in Namdhari temples, for they add to noise pollution and disturb the people living around.

  • One should not possess too many clothes, as such belongings generate materialistic desires besides creating disparity.

  • Watching of films on TV or cinema halls are not allowed but children are encouraged to watch news, sports or any other educative programmes.

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