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Kuka Faith > Paanth Parkash

25 Heroism at Malerkotla
And, then the courageous Kukas were roused to action.
They put a number of slaughterhouse butchers to sword.
Prominent Hindus at Amritsar and various other places were
arrested and persecuted by the English Government.
When they were about to be executed, the Kukas, on their own, came forward,
led evidence to prove that they and none else, had dealt the deadly blow.
Happily, they went to the gallows and, from thereon, to the land of God Himself.
After that, there was yet another act of rare heroism at Malerkotla.

26 Heroism at Malerkotla (conti)
There were about sixty Kukas who, having resolved to court certain death, dispatched the butchers and protected the cows.
They were engaged by the armed forces of the Muslim State of Malerkotla, but the Sikhs repulsed them.
The Patiala troops practised subterfuge, took false oath, persuaded them to their point of view and finally got them arrested.
Absorbed in the love of Sabad, they gladly offered themselves to be blown off by the cannon.
They were, they thought, exceedingly fortunate to die for their faith.

27 Deportation of Satguru Ram Singh Ji.
The Kings and the Chiefs, the Courtiers and the English officers were all awe-struck by this miracle of a deed.
The English, after deep deliberation, deported Ram Singh, then found utterly free from blame, to Rangoon.
The various Subas were scattered in different directions and the ascendancy of the Panth was sought to be curbed.
In the absence of Ram Singh, his brother, Budh Singh*, is now regarded as the Master and leader of the Kukas.

* The lineage, to this day, runs as follows: Baba Budh Singh (Satguru Hari Singh), Satguru Partap Singh and Satguru Jagjit Singh.

28 True followers of Guru Gobind Singh.
They worship Bhavani, recite Bani and chant Waheguru over and over again.
They are distinguished by their white dress, white woolen rosary, straight turban and flowing beard.
They perform Havan, recite hymns from the Guru Granth. They are the true followers of Guru Gobind Singh, and cannot be diverted from their resolve to establish a Government of their own.
Such are the impenetrable Kukas known for their worshipful ways.
Gian Singh has narrated as he has witnessed them.

Giani Gian Singh in his magnum opus. Panth Parkash, gives a fairly detailed account of the continuous executions of the Sikh warriors who were taken prisoners along with their leader, Banda Singh Bahadur. He says" And, then, every day they were brought to Chandni Chowk. Twenty-five of them would gladly offer themselves to be killed. Everyone of them would desire to be killed earlier than the others. They, the fortunate ones, loved to be martyred. They recited aloud the Word of the Guru over and over again and with gusto. They gave away their Jives happily and generously. Said: We are leaving for Baikunth, the Heavenly Abode."

And then, he departs from the narrative and telJs us that he has learnt it from the writings of Khafi Khan, Ram Jas of Jaipur and Hari Charan of Meerut. Suddenly, he turns to similar executions of the Kukas in his own time. True to the great Sikh tradition, they had happily laid down their lives espousing a noble cause. They, too, had embraced Death, reciting the Word of the Guru. Each one of them was in a great hurry to be present in the heavenly Guru Darbar.

Giani Ji says : The account of those Sikhs (the Dandais) has been set out in a number of books. But, now, I would speak to you, in truthful details of what I saw with my own eyes. During Nineteen Twenty-eight Dikrami I came into contact with the Kukas. The butchers who had slaughtered cows were themselves slain by these lion-hearted men of the Guru. Nearly sixty of them, pure souls, were arrested and were brought to Malerkotla in custody. The English (Government) issued orders that they be blown off by cannon.
They were delighted to hear of this order they were indeed overwhelmed with joy. Their exuberance shot into their miens They recited aloud the word of the Guru. As moths rushing towards a lamp, unrestrained they made for the cannon. Their spirits in high transport, they hurried forward without a thought for their dear lives. This I saw with my own eyes, People had gathered in a large number. They saw and were filled with wonder. Wedded to the Supreme life-style of the Sikhs, They were not afraid of embracing death by arms. They could meet the enemy on the battle-field and be restrained from neither laying down not taking life.

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