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Guru Ram Dass Ji

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Avtar Or Parkash Diwas: 26 Asu 1591 Bikrami Thursday
Date of Birth: 24 September 1534
Place of Birth: Village Chuna Mandi Lahore (Pakistan)
Gurgaddi Diwas: (30.8.1574) Goindwal Sahib
Joti Jot Diwas: Bhadon Vadi 3, 1638 Bikrami (1.9.1581) Goindwal
Father:Sh. Hardas Jee Sodhi Mother: Mata Sh Daya Kaur Jee
Wife/Wives: Mata Bibi Bhani jee (married in 1553 ,daughter of Guru Amardas Ji)
Children: Pirthi Chand / Sh. Mahandev Jee / Guru Arjan Dev Jee

The fourth Guru, Shri Guru Ramdas Ji (Bhai Jetha Ji), was born in 1534 in a Sodhi family of Lahore (at Chuna Mandi, Lahore). His parents died when he was just seven years old and he lived with his maternal grandmother in the village Basarke. Guru Amar Das Ji found him capable and worthy of Guruship and installed him as the fourth Guru on 1st September 1574.

One day Guru Amar Das Ji came to Basarke to condole with the grandmother of Guru Ram Das Ji at the passing of her son-in-law and immediately developed deep affection for Guru Ram Das Ji. Soon after this meeting Guru Ram Das Ji and his grandmother moved to Goindwal to be closer to Guru Amar Das Ji. Here he began to take part in the religious congregation held by Guru Amar Das Ji and participated in the development of Goindwal Sahib, Guru Amar Das Ji also took Guru Ram Das Ji on long missionary tours around India spreading the word of Sikhism.

Guru Ram Das Ji was a man of considerable merit. He became famous for his piety, devotion, energy and eloquence. Guru Ram Das Ji laid the foundation stone of Chak Ramdas which is now called Amritsar. For this purpose he purchased land from the zamidars of the village: Tung, Gilwali and Gumtala, and began the digging of Santokhsar Sarovar. Later on he suspended the work on Santokhsar and concentrated his attention on digging the Amritsar Sarovar, Guru Ram Das Ji also had two devoted Sikhs Bhai Sahlo Ji and Baba Budha Ji who helped supervise the work.

He started the construction of the famous Golden Temple at Amritsar, the holy city of the Sikhs. He laid the foundation stone of Amritsar on 13th June 1577.The temple remains open on all sides and at all times to every one. This indicates that the Sikhs believe in One God who has no partiality for any particular place, direction or time.

Guru Ramdas Ji was a talented musician. He composed 638 hymns in 30 ragas and salokas in eleven raagas in the Granth Sahib. Among his famous compositions is the routine of a Sikh given in a hymn on page 305 and the Lawan, the hymns recited at every Anand Karaj-wedding ceremony.

Having nominated his youngest son as the next Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Gum Ram Das Ji left Amritsar and retired to Goindwal Sahib, passing away there on 1st September 1581.

Solakhs of Anand Karaj

Namdhari Marriages

The hymns recited at every Anand Karaj-wedding ceremony.

Soohee Mehalaa 4 ||

Soohee, Fourth Mehl:

Har Pehilarree Laav Paravirathee Karam Dhrirraaeiaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

In the first round of the marriage ceremony, the Lord sets out His Instructions for performing the daily duties of married life.

Baanee Brehamaa Vaedh Dhharam Dhrirrahu Paap Thajaaeiaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

Instead of the hymns of the Vedas to Brahma, embrace the righteous conduct of Dharma, and renounce sinful actions.

Dhharam Dhrirrahu Har Naam Dhhiaavahu Simrith Naam Dhrirraaeiaa ||

Meditate on the Lord's Name; embrace and enshrine the contemplative remembrance of the Naam.

Sathigur Gur Pooraa Aaraadhhahu Sabh Kilavikh Paap Gavaaeiaa ||

Worship and adore the Guru, the Perfect True Guru, and all your sins shall be dispelled.

Sehaj Anandh Hoaa Vaddabhaagee Man Har Har Meethaa Laaeiaa ||

By great good fortune, celestial bliss is attained, and the Lord, Har, Har, seems sweet to the mind.

Jan Kehai Naanak Laav Pehilee Aaranbh Kaaj Rachaaeiaa ||1||

Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the first round of the marriage ceremony, the marriage ceremony has begun. ||1||

Har Dhoojarree Laav Sathigur Purakh Milaaeiaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

In the second round of the marriage ceremony, the Lord leads you to meet the True Guru, the Primal Being.

Nirabho Bhai Man Hoe Houmai Mail Gavaaeiaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

With the Fear of God, the Fearless Lord in the mind, the filth of egotism is eradicated.

Niramal Bho Paaeiaa Har Gun Gaaeiaa Har Vaekhai Raam Hadhoorae ||

In the Fear of God, the Immaculate Lord, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and behold the Lord's Presence before you.

Har Aatham Raam Pasaariaa Suaamee Sarab Rehiaa Bharapoorae ||

The Lord, the Supreme Soul, is the Lord and Master of the Universe; He is pervading and permeating everywhere, fully filling all spaces.

Anthar Baahar Har Prabh Eaeko Mil Har Jan Mangal Gaaeae ||

Deep within, and outside as well, there is only the One Lord God. Meeting together, the humble servants of the Lord sing the songs of joy.

Jan Naanak Dhoojee Laav Chalaaee Anehadh Sabadh Vajaaeae ||2||

Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the second round of the marriage ceremony, the unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds. ||2||

Har Theejarree Laav Man Chaao Bhaeiaa Bairaageeaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

In the third round of the marriage ceremony, the mind is filled with Divine Love.

Santh Janaa Har Mael Har Paaeiaa Vaddabhaageeaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

Meeting with the humble Saints of the Lord, I have found the Lord, by great good fortune.

Niramal Har Paaeiaa Har Gun Gaaeiaa Mukh Bolee Har Baanee ||

I have found the Immaculate Lord, and I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. I speak the Word of the Lord's Bani.

Santh Janaa Vaddabhaagee Paaeiaa Har Kathheeai Akathh Kehaanee ||

By great good fortune, I have found the humble Saints, and I speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.

Hiradhai Har Har Har Dhhun Oupajee Har Japeeai Masathak Bhaag Jeeo ||

The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, vibrates and resounds within my heart; meditating on the Lord, I have realized the destiny inscribed upon my forehead.

Jan Naanak Bolae Theejee Laavai Har Oupajai Man Bairaag Jeeo ||3||

Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the third round of the marriage ceremony, the mind is filled with Divine Love for the Lord. ||3||

Har Chouthharree Laav Man Sehaj Bhaeiaa Har Paaeiaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

In the fourth round of the marriage ceremony, my mind has become peaceful; I have found the Lord.

Guramukh Miliaa Subhaae Har Man Than Meethaa Laaeiaa Bal Raam Jeeo ||

As Gurmukh, I have met Him, with intuitive ease; the Lord seems so sweet to my mind and body.

Har Meethaa Laaeiaa Maerae Prabh Bhaaeiaa Anadhin Har Liv Laaee ||

The Lord seems so sweet; I am pleasing to my God. Night and day, I lovingly focus my consciousness on the Lord.

Man Chindhiaa Fal Paaeiaa Suaamee Har Naam Vajee Vaadhhaaee ||

I have obtained my Lord and Master, the fruit of my mind's desires. The Lord's Name resounds and resonates.

Har Prabh Thaakur Kaaj Rachaaeiaa Dhhan Hiradhai Naam Vigaasee ||

The Lord God, my Lord and Master, blends with His bride, and her heart blossoms forth in the Naam.

Jan Naanak Bolae Chouthhee Laavai Har Paaeiaa Prabh Avinaasee ||4||2||

Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the fourth round of the marriage ceremony, we have found the Eternal Lord God.

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